DIBI TOKEN Project Introduction

DiBi is the first global trading platform with multiple decentralized rules which is builted by DiBi Technology Co., Ltd.

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Project Details

DiBi Token is widely used in the ecological application of DiBi Global, which provides an essential link for the realization of decentralized trading scenario of DiBi Global.Holding DiBi will enjoy various rights and interests in the token economy system.DiBi has created its own unique trading rules. By means of multiple decentralization, it ensures the fairness and justice of the trading process to the maximum extent. At the same time, it adopts the concept of buyback destruction and destruction that is rising to ensure the healthy development of the ecology.

Token distribution

1、DiBi Launch:40%,Obtained by participating in the DiBi Launch and becoming a part of witnessing the future of DiBi token.

2、Ecological Construction:20%,Used for the ecological development of DiBi related blockchain and supporting the promising landing ecology

3、Transaction Unlock:20%,Obtained through deep interaction between project parties and community users.

4、Format Unlock:10%,Obtained in the form of sign in, storage and promotion to promote user activity.

5、Team owned:10%,For every 100 million tokens destroyed, the team releases 12 million.

Token Details

Total issue:100 billion

Circulation:50 million

Holding DiBi will enjoy various rights and interests in the token economy system, including transaction discounts, irregular rewards, certified merchants, financial planning and other related rights and interests. DiBi Token is also the proof of rights and interests of DiBi community. Token holders have the qualifications of community business voting, team election, etc. DiBi, as a participant, is committed to building DiBi community into a fair and free autonomous community, with a high degree of freedom and fun.


This introduction comes from official materials such as white papers published by the official project team so that investors can better understand currencies and their corresponding projects. The content of this paper is obtained through legal channels, so as to ensure the reliability, accuracy and integrity of the information as much as possible, but it does not fully guarantee the accuracy and integrity of the information described in the report. The content of this paper can not be used as the basis of investment research decision-making, moral, responsibility and legal basis or evidence, whether expressed or implied.

Risk Tips

Digital assets are innovative investment products with high price fluctuation and high investment risk. Before investing, we hope you have a full understanding of digital assets, make rational judgment on investment ability and make prudent investment decisions.DiBi shall not be liable for guarantee, compensation and other liabilities for the project or investment.

DiBi Global Official

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