DIBI Presale Global — Kick off

In order to speed up the process of promoting the global ecology of DiBi Global, DIBI Global Presale will come at 8 p.m.(GMT-5) on September 21, 2020.

Presale Rules

Total amount of DIBI presale (Global): 100,000,000

Presale only support ETH token.There are 8 rounds in total. If the quota of each round finished, the next round will be started automatically.

Round 1 Unit-Price: 0.0006USD, 2,000,000 DIBI Quota

Round 2 Unit-Price: 0.0008USD, 5,000,000 DIBI Quota

Round 3 Unit-Price: 0.001USD, 8,000,000 DIBI Quota

Round 4 Unit-Price: 0.0012USD, 11,000,000 DIBI Quota

Round 5 Unit-Price: 0.0014USD, 14,000,000 DIBI Quota

Round 6 Unit-Price: 0.0016USD, 17,000,000 DIBI Quota

Round 7 Unit-Price: 0.0018USD, 20,000,000 DIBI Quota

Round 8 Unit-Price: 0.002USD, 23,000,000 DIBI Quota

Bonus Pool

20% of the ETH from Presale will be distributed as bonus as below:

A. 10%: When presale finished, it will be prorated to the top 10 subscripers’ address

B. 5%:Evenly distribute to the addresses with more than 1000000 DIBI

C. 5%:Distribute to the last subscriper’s address


1. Users from the following countries and regions will not be able to participate in the presale: China mainland , HongKong , TaiWan

2. You should transfer ETH directly from your crypto wallet,such as Trust Wallet/MetaMask Wallet/ImToken Wallet(The price of ETH/USD is based on the 24-hour average price of the market).

3. The DIBI Global will announce the result within 24 hours after the presale(Please follow the official announcement).

4. Each transaction amount is at least 0.2ETH.

5. Users who successfully transferred will receive DIBI within 24 hours.

Risk Warning

Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. DiBi will make best efforts to choose high quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.

DiBi Group




Thank you for your support. DiBi Global look forward for your advices.

DiBi Global


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