DIBI Foundation Inject One Million Dollar to Deploy BITP

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Dear all,

Recently, DIBI SECURITY FOUNDATION LTD, a well-known institution in Singapore, has injected one million dollar to deploy BITP.

DIBI SECURITY FOUNDATION LTD is a non-profit investment institution established by DiBi Technology Co., Ltd. in Singapore in 2019. It is committed to investing in and assisting various high-quality and potential blockchain projects through blockchain knowledge, education, technology research and concept dissemination, so as to contribute to the development and empowerment of blockchain technology in all fields of the world.

DIBI Foundation began to inject and officially launched the DiBi ecosystem in 2019, including “DiBi Global Exchange”, “DBLend decentralized lending platform” and “Meteorite quantitative strategy investment platform”.

At the same time, DBLend has received an injection of US $8 million from the offshore fund “BCB token fund”, a global famous investment company “BCB Wealth Management Limited”.

BITP is developed by the HEBE team, which has participated in the research and development of BTC, DASH and PIVX after two and a half years. It is the first efficient blockchain ecological platform in the world that adopts Keccak multi reselection cyclic encryption algorithm and BPOS mining and master node assignment consensus mechanism to realize anonymous transfer, instant payment and flash exchange transaction. It aims to solve the problems of slow transaction confirmation, serious privacy leakage and poor scalability in the process of blockchain digital asset transaction.

It is reported that after three months of investigation, the DIBI foundation is full of confidence in BITP’s excellent public chain technology and its huge community scale. In the field of blockchain, DIBI foundation has always had a keen intuition.

The purpose of this cooperation is to combine the resources of the DIBI foundation and the technical strength of BITP to jointly build an innovative public chain at the bottom of the blockchain in the future, so as to promote the healthy and steady development of the blockchain industry.

BITP has created four layers of MasterNode4.0 node mortgage mining in the master node mode, which enables more people to participate in the BITP main network. The participating nodes only need a fixed number of BITP to deposit into the PC or mobile wallet, and then rent a server at low cost to obtain the public network IP, then they can build and obtain the block reward. Its advantages are that high energy consumption and high cost become low energy consumption, low cost, more fair, open and fair. Nodes can be built flexibly and can be released at any time. Participants can flexibly control their own assets.

Based on the affirmation of BITP underlying technology, Meteorite quantitative strategy investment platform is considering to deploy application data on the public chain of BITP, and investors of Meteorite platform will also benefit from this.

Meteorite is a decentralized quantitative platform, which supports a variety of mainstream digital asset quantification strategies, thus simplifying the threshold for users to participate in quantitative investment. Meteorite, like DBLend, is an important DeFi project within the DiBi ecosystem, which will provide important guarantee for the health and sustainable development of the whole DiBi ecosystem.

In addition, BITP will be launched on the DiBi Global exchange in the near future, and the specific time will be announced officially.

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Risk Warning

Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. DiBi will make best efforts to choose high quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.

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