DeFi Unicorn DBL Mine Pool Has Been Officially Launched

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According to official information, after the server capacity expansion and DIBI contract upgrade, DBL mine pool has been officially Launched.

Recently, in order to cooperate with the audit work of the DBLend (DBL) mining pool smart contract, the technical department has updated and released the new DIBI contract of the DBL mining pool, which means that the old DiBi contract address will become invalid.

DIBI information:


Contract address: 0x02922b267d831ae672e70480d3de48743711db28

Name: DiBi

Symbo: DiBi


Contract address: 0xf2375Ec44934Fe96eE5FFB8eD597c6f9349771Fd

Name: DiBi Token

Symbo: DIBI

At the same time, the old DiBi will be automatically mapped to the new DIBI, and the old DiBi will automatically become invalid after the mapping is completed. BTW, during the mapping period, the deposit and withdrawal functions of the DiBi Global exchange and the task catcher platform will be suspended.

DBLend(DBL)Mining Pool start time:2020.9.30 11:00 HKT

At the same time, the original limited acquisition activities of DBL will also be postponed simultaneously.

In order to increase the liquidity of the DBL pool, DBLend will purchase 2000 DBL from miners at the price of 5USDT / DBL 24 hours after the DBL mine launch. The purchased DBL will be used to inject liquidity into the Uniswap DBL / ETH liquidity pool.

Acquisition rules:

1. All the DBL miners can participate, 1DBL = 5usdt, only the first 2000 DBL, first come, first served.

2.All the DBL miners can participate by transferring DBL to DBL smart contract, which will automatically transfer USDT of corresponding price to user address along the original road.

3. After the acquisition of more than 2000 DBL, the transferred DBL will no longer be purchased and will return the same way. The number of official real-time acquisition DBL can be checked by checking the smart contract address to avoid missing 2000 acquisition quota.

4. Deadline: at 4:00(GMT-5) on October 1, 2020

The time for DBL to launch Uniswap is 4:00 a.m.(GMT-5) on October 1, 2020.

DBL smart contract address: 0x3800544c0ad45e2222d67151ff08ee0c476f6221

Let’s start the journey of DBL miners together during the holiday.

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