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After Uniswap became popular in the second half of 2020, mining was also popular. The most important reason why Uniswap and mining based on the DeFi ecology can be so hot is the decentralization.

In the past, the centralized transaction mining mode could not solve the trust problem of all users, and it was well resolved in the DeFi ecology.

The decentralized trading mechanism did not come into being this year. As early as 2013, there had been decentralized exchanges. However, the user experience and liquidity problems have always plagued the decentralized trading mechanism, leading to the number of users.

One of the most important reasons for Uniswap’s sudden rise in the second half of 2020 is that the liquidity of V2 has been greatly enhanced, which has become synonymous with the bull market in 2020.

Liquidity is the most important factor for decentralized trading

The so-called liquidity means that when the buyer and the seller want to trade, there must be a third party as the liquidity provider. The stronger the liquidity of this third party, the better the overall trading experience.

It is because of this, various mining projects with the help of this liquidity dividend centralized online.

Now, it’s the golden age of mining.

DBLend lending platform, the most potential appreciation project of DeFi ecology in September, start mining already.

No reservation, no pre excavation. All people are on the same starting line.

The DBLend lending platform is a decentralized DeFi ecological application. The key to DBLend’s popularity as soon as it was launched is the decentralized mining form. Its token “DBL” is all issued by mining, and the team has no reservation. At the same time, through multiple smart contracts, both the borrower and the lender can enjoy the income of the corresponding loan products in the platform, and the maximum annual income can exceed 500%.

Through mortgaging DIBI you can mine DBL. The total of DBL is only 2.1 million, with 1.05 million in the first year, which is halved year by year.

Become a DBL miner and ride the most comfortable fortune train in the second half of 2020.

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