DBLend Gets 8 Million Investment, The Community is Hot

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Recently, “BCB Token Fund”, an offshore fund subordinate to BCB Wealth Management Limited, a world-famous investment company, has reached a strategic cooperation with DBLend decentralized lending platform. It will inject $8000000 loan assets into DBLend, of which $500000 will be injected as the first batch of DBLend lending assets.

Affected by the financing news, the popularity of DBLend project has soared, and the number of overseas communities has soared to nearly 20000 in two days, which is still growing rapidly.

At the same time, DBLend Dao has approved the proposal to open the “First DBLend Loan Quota White List Voting Activity” at 12:00 (UTC + 8) on October 27, 2020.

The ranking of participants in the white list voting activity will directly affect the purchase amount of relevant products after DBLend platform is launched. In less than one day since the event was launched, the number of DBL participating in voting has exceeded 15000, and at present it has exceeded 16000.

Although the number of 16000 DBL does not appear to be large, but the total number of DBL produced by mining is just less than 70000, that means almost a quarter of the DBL produced have participated in the vote.

According to the white list voting rules, the product quota corresponding to the highest daily yield rate is divided by users before 10000 votes of DBL. It is not difficult to find out why the number of votes has reached 15000.

Affected by the financing news and the white list voting, the price of DBL once rose to about 3USDT, and the current price is basically between 2.5 and 3.

Of course, the most important news that this white list activity brings to all users is the news of the first batch of loans of DBLend, which means that the DBLend lending platform will probably meet with you in a short time, which is the real benefit of DBL.

Let’s wait and see.

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