DBLend : DeFi is the future of Global Financial System

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On September 8, 2020. Maggie, the Co-founder of DBLend’s Chinese Community, was invited to join AMA event of 499Block, which is the most famous Female Blockchain Community in the world.

Maggie said in the AMA :

”As blockchain technology and DeFi(Decentralized Financial) applications become more and more mature, It is likely that DeFi will change the entire financial system in the near future.

In the long run, code is more reliable than humanity. Through the smart contract in blockchain technology, trust and consensus can be well established. So the role of DeFi will change from serving the financial industry to changing the entire financial system.

DBLend is a decentralized lending application in the DiBi Global Ecosystem. As the first and most important DeFi application of DiBi Global, DBLend project has been widely concerned as soon as it was lauched, that’s because of DBLend’s decentralized mining mechanism and users’ multiple ways of making profits in DBLend.

As the token of DBLend, DBL just can be issued by mining with a total of 2.1 million, and will be halved year by year, no reservation, no Pre-Mining. The only way to obtain DBL is by pledgeing DIBI token (Token of DiBi Global ECO System) to the smart contract, and the payback cycle is 10 minutes. In addtion, DBL holders have voting rights in DBLend DAO.”

According to the latest official news from DBLend: the DBL Mining Pool is going to be available at the end of September.

More information please refer to : www.dblend.pro

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