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DBL is a decentralized ecological application of DeFi, users only need to deposit the DBL as collateral to the platform, then they can lend the mainstream currency equivalent to 70% of the gold standard, and receive the income from the corresponding borrowing products.

The DBL will not pre-dig or pre-reserve, and all DBL will be mined by smart contracts.

Platform Lending Products

Pledge Financing Days: 7 days/14 days/30 days/90 days

Annualized income of currency standard(%):547.5%/365%/292%/219%


*Pledge rate: (loan asset value + interest on platform) / DBL value of pledge * 100%

*Replenishment pledge rate: when the pledge rate is greater than 70%, the system will remind the user to make up the position

*Closing pledge rate: when the pledge rate is greater than 98%, the system will automatically balance the pledged assets to repay the borrowed currency

DBL Production Mechanism:

The team did not have any pre excavation or reservation, and they all relied on the mortgage of DiBi to deposit and mine in the mine pool

The total output of DBL was 2.1 million, and the output was halved every 365 days. The first year output is 1.05 million

DBL is obtained from the mining of mortgage DIBI:

Users mortgage DIBI to the smart contract to specify the mine pool address, and mine according to the proportion of the mine pool to get the corresponding DBL.

DBL Trading Mechanism Combines DeFi and CeFi

Decentralized Exchange Uniswap / Centralized Exchange:

User Participation Example:

Suppose DBL price is 10USDT, ETH price is 300USDT.

Users use 9000U to purchase 900 DBL and mortgage to DBlend for 7 days, and borrow 15 ETH

Then 7 days later, as long as the loan contract does not expire, the user can borrow and put forward 15 ETH, but also get 1.575 ETH revenue.

Users can recharge 15 ETH back to the platform to recover the pledged DBL.

DBlend Mining Details


Symbol: DBL

Total supply: 2.1 million


How to mine:

It can be transferred DIBI to DBL mine pool address for pledge mining.

How to redeem:

Transfer 0.01eth to the mine pool address and the intelligent contract will automatically redeem DiBi / or obtain the output DBL.

Mining Output Quantity:

The total output is 2.1 million, which will be halved in one year, i.e. 1.05 million in the first year and 525 million in the next year; the mining output is once every 10 minutes, i.e. (105W / 365 / 24 / 6) dbends per 10 minutes in the first year.

Single Address Mining Output Quantity:

Mining output quantity of single address (every 10 minutes) = single address pledged DIBI quantity / total quantity of mine pool pledged DIBI * total quantity of DBlend produced by pool every ten minutes

Distribution Mechanism:

No reserve, 100% of the mining output.

more details please refer to below link:

DiBi Global Official

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