Announcement about DiBi Global First Batch of Global OTC Business Recruitment

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Dear all,

DiBi Global is a reliable global third-party digital asset trading platform, committed to providing global users with more secure and convenient digital financial services. At present, DiBi Global is working with businesses and users to build a reliable global OTC platform. In order to accelerate the construction of OTC platform, DiBi Global first recruited high-quality merchants to build an ecological environment in September 2020.

Recruitment details:

First: Global business interests

1. Exclusive flow tilt: platform diversion, channel resources tilt;

2. Exclusive business customer service: one to one exclusive customer service, all-round protection of business interests;

3. Exclusive business logo: exclusive gold medal logo to enhance the trust of traders;

4. Exclusive product rights and interests: to meet the needs of the buyer and the seller for diversified products, businesses can freely publish advertisements, making the sale more flexible and convenient;

5. Exclusive ranking: priority trading order priority;

6. Exclusive function: you can freely configure the conditions and restrictions of counterparties.

Second: Application method of OTC business

OTC businesses can only apply by email. DiBi Global will strictly screen the applicants. On the basis of meeting the application conditions, the successful applicants will be informed by email within 7 working days.

Application email:

Third: Business qualification

USDT Zone (0 service charge)

Application conditions:

1. Complete DiBi Global international certification process: pass KYC;

2. Local bank card number, mobile phone number and email address must be bound;

3. Proof of digital assets / transaction volume of users in other platforms shall be provided;

4. 3000 USDT in the OTC account is used as the business deposit (it must be guaranteed that 3000 USDT will be used as the business deposit within 1 working day after receiving the call from customer service, otherwise the qualification will be cancelled);

5. Familiar with OTC transaction process and collection and payment operation of various payment methods.

Note: please indicate “DiBi Global account + legal currency certification merchant application” in the email title, and provide effective contact information in the email content.

Fourth: Business principles

1. Be able to follow up the dynamic of the advertisement list in time. If the operation cannot be completed in the first time, the order should be cancelled in advance;

2. After confirming the receipt, it can complete the money release in the first time, or quickly explain the situation to the user;

3. Be able to communicate with users accurately and patiently without abusive words or malicious complaints.

Fifth: How to apply to become a global business

Through email application, submit relevant information and contact information (mobile phone number or wechat), DiBi Global will contact qualified merchants within 72 hours and inform whether the application is successful.

Sixth: DiBi Global business quota limit

In order to protect the interests of businesses, we will limit the number of merchants or teams to 5 at most in the same area

In order to ensure the global user experience, we will formulate corresponding elimination system.

There will be other transaction rebate activities for high-quality merchants and new users in the world, and the details will be notified later.

We welcome powerful teams or individuals to join us to build the global ecology of DiBi Global digital currency trading platform.

*According to the requirements of the project party, users in the following countries or regions (based on KYC information) are not allowed to participate in project sales:

China, China, Hongkong, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Sultan, Malaysia, Syria and the United States [including all American territories, such as Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, North Mariana Island, and the American Vilgin Islands (St. kroy Island, St John and St. Thomas Island)] Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador and Kyrgyzstan.

Risk Warning

Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. DiBi will make best efforts to choose high quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.

DiBi Group



Thank you for your support.DiBi Global look forward for your advices.

DiBi Global


DiBi Global Official

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